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CookenPro® Commercial For Long-term Care Communities

CookenPro® helps customers Lower Food Costs by providing reports that monitor costs and track shrinkage (loss).  Users can Save Time and Money by ordering automatically, based on par and from the lowest bid vendor, so a minimum of inventory is maintained.  Receive the inventory with a hand-held device and import the counts.  

Use an easy Nutritional Analysis tool for recipes and menus and create Nutritional Labels.  The classic Food For Fifty Recipes come with the program and all are nutritionally analyzed. Multiple sets of RDA Data (Recommended Daily Allowance), including USDA required Breakfast and Lunch sets for Age 51+, come with the program.  New sets of data can be entered and an RDA data set can be selected when viewing a nutritional analysis.  RDA data sets can also be created using a wizard to combine sets. 

Users can create cycle menus and scale recipes based on number of servings.  Save that menu for a new time period and save all the time of entering a new menu.  Also scale recipes based on yield for large quantity cooking and produce a collection of reports that will organize and simplify quantity cooking.

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CookenPro® Commercial Suite
Production Module -
For Quantity Cooking Operations

Microsoft® Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows NT 4.0,  Windows 2000, and Windows Vista 250 MB Disk Space 32MB RAM  If required, MS Explorer 5.0 will be installed on your computer.  Super VGA monitor (600x800)

Move up to a Network installation at any time!  Call for pricing 1-847-847-2363

Leasing is available for orders over $1000.00.

Contact  or call 1-847-847-2363 with any purchasing questions.
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