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The BSI Maintenance Server performs automated backup, examines the databases for error, and reclaims temporary space on your computer for all applications other than POS Store & Forward, which has its own maintenance server.

Applications maintained by BSI Maintenance Server include

CookenPro Commercial
BSI Labor & Scheduling
PDA Kitchen Magician
BSI Accounting Bridge
Network Enable


Each application product has a 'Settings' function available from the toolbar. The settings function allows specification of a folder where a backup of the database is made each day specified by the user at the specified time. If no folder is specified a 'Backups' folder is created in the installation directory. The handheld assistant does not have its own Settings function, but depends on the Settings information in the parent application CookenPro. Until settings are updated to desired values, maintenance occurs on Monday at 12:00 PM by default. The Maintenance server updates settings each time prior to actually performing maintenance. This means that the server will have to be brought down and back up if it has been installed prior to properly making Settings entries.


In a network enabled configuration, backups and maintenance are performed on each computer on the local copy of CookenPro. On the computer where Network Enable is installed, backup and maintenance are performed on the network database specified at installation. Network application database (CookenPro) Backups are made to the directory specified in Network Enable. This setting also controls backup and maintenance for the Network Enable application.


The BSI Maintenance Server is normally started when your computer starts and gracefully shutdown when the computer is shutdown. You can manually shut it down by going to Start->All Programs->Startup->Maint Server and clicking. This should cause BSI Maintenance Server to ask if you desire a shutdown. Termination is not immediate and could take up to a minute. When you want to restart, do the same. Occasionally, when uninstalling, BSI Maintenance Server is busy with an applications components. In this case terminate the BSI Maintenance Server by performing a Shutdown.

Maintenance Log

In addition to Event logging in each application, a complete log of activity is maintained in 'maintlog.txt' located in the BSI Maintenance Server installation directory. This is a very complete log of events with the most recent information at the end of the log. You can examine this log by double clicking and it should bring up Notepad. It also can be emailed to in the event that it is required for support.