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  • Commercial 9.0 Update - January 2014 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Updated Nutritional Items to CN17 Database
    2. Updated recipe nutritional analysis report.
  • Commercial 8.0 Update - August 2012 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Updated Nutritional Items to CN16 Database
    2. Includes new USDA required Dietary Specifications.

    3. Includes new USDA required reports showing calories, saturated fat, and sodium and comparing the value to the dietary specification.
  • Commercial 7.0 Update - June 2011 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Updated Nutritional Items to CN15 Database
    2. Fix for saving Nutritional Label with Ingredients List
    3. Eliminate need for Maintenance Server on Client Computer with Network Installation
  • Commercial 6.0 Update - August 2010 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Updated Nutritional Items to CN14 Database
    2. Includes a new Nutrition Label for recipes with ingredients listed at the bottom

    3.  Includes minor changes to USDA Recipes for Schools (Current customers can import the recipes after updating the software)
  • Commercial 5.0 Update - October 2009 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Includes USDA Recipes for Schools (Current customers can import the recipes after updating the software)
    2. Increased the speed of a nutritional analysis.

    3. Appropriate units of measure will be created for all locally entered nutrition items.
    4. New 'Export to Excel' for production record.
    5. Inventory purchase unit cost will be updated when a vendor is reassigned during the creation of a purchase order, if the vendors price is in the bid file.
    6. The user will receive a message if two inventory items have the same low bid.

    7. Users are allowed to select formats to save recipe reports.

    Enhanced Inventory Deleting feature.
  • Commercial 4.0 Update - May 2009 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Updated Nutritional Items to CN13 Database and USDA SR21 Database
    2.  Added a summary nutrition report.
    3.  Added a delete recipe feature.  Users will not be allowed to delete recipes assigned to menus.
    4.  Network installation will be looking for logo in network installation directory.
    5.  Fixed Calendar order of recipes to match original entry.

    6.  Added an inventory specification for updating purchase unit cost only.

    7.  Increased the number of menu recipes that can be imported in a menu import
    8. Fixed message for duplicate code/ID.
    9. Added date to Landscape Recipe Report
    10. Fixed display of RDI to show % rather than decimal amount
  • Commercial 3.25 Update - September 2008 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Added a pop-up Calculator (available from tools).
    2.  Added a units conversion tool (available from tools).
    3.  Added HACCP Entry tool - User stores HACCP Entries and selects to enter all that apply to a recipe.
    4.  Added 'Save As' feature to save nutrition items as recipes when entering the item.
    5.  Added Recycle 1 day from a menu.

    6.  Added Date Served to Menu Recipes Landscape report

    7.  Added
    Menus and Recipes list to search for all menus that contain a recipe.
    8. Added ingredients report to recipe and menu nutritional analysis
    9. Added serving size to 'SaveAs' another recipe
  • Commercial 3.24 Update - April 2008 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Includes USDA Approval for NSMP in CN Version
    2.  Added an Invoice Report that displays invoice records for a date range and selection of vendors.  The report can be exported to Excel.
    3.  Added 'Save As' feature to save inventory items as different inventory items
    4.  Added 'Save As' feature to save nutrition items as recipes.
    5.  Added messages to alert the user if a nutritional item is scheduled to be deleted from the Child Nutrition Database.

    6.  Added selection of units when entering a different quantity of an item to be nutritionally analyzed.

    7.  Corrected ordering of recipes in menu report and printing of menu recipes.
    8. Additional Menu Nutritional Reports with large font size
    9. Corrected error checking for CookenPro being open
  • Commercial 3.23 Update - September 2007 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Added Advanced Find for Nutritional Items
    2.  Added ability to preview and print the results of an Advanced Find search for nutritional items and recipes as well as the nutritional analysis of all recipes in the search results.
    3. Added the ability to search by Recipe Code in the Advanced Find.
    4.  Added additional RDA sets required by the USDA for Nutrient Standard Menu Planning software.-
  • Commercial 3.22 Update - July 2007 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Added ability to insert ingredients when entering ingredients in a recipe.
    2.  Added ability to insert a recipe when planning a menu.
    3.  Advanced Find for Searching for Recipes
         Added additional nutrients as possible search criteria.  Can now search by:
                Fat Grams
                Sat Fat Grams
                Protein Grams
                Carbohydrate Grams
                Vitamin A
                Vitamin C
                % Fat
                Nutritional Item Code
                Primary Inventory ID
                Ingredients included or excluded
    4.  Find an Invoice now includes both Date Purchased and Date Received
  • Commercial 3.21 Update - January 2007 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  New Calendar view for Menu
    2.  RDA
        Can add new RDA Sets such as requirements for pregnant women, individuals over 50 etc
        Ships with RDA data required by USDA Child Nutrition Program
        New wizard for combining RDA Sets
    3.  Nutrition Wizard
        Child Nutrition Database is available
        Can narrow search by source (USDA/Child Nutrition/Other)
        Can search by description or number
        Can enter moisture factor and fat factor and type for additional reporting
    4.  Nutritional Analysis
        Added gram weight for each ingredient
        Added total gram weight for recipe
        Added gram weight per serving
        Added trans fat grams
        Added Nutrients per 100 grams
        Added ability to select RDA Type when viewing report
        Added new nutritional reports
    5.  Added child nutrition Buying Guide
    6.  New wizard for combining RDA Set

    7.  Inventory
        Added a new tool for assigning multiple items to a storage location
        Create Requisitions and Purchase Orders From:
                Menus - by selection of menu items, a range of dates, or a specific meal
                Production Schedule - by schedule or by production areas
                Sales - By Cost Center and/or Date Range
        Can return items to vendor and view a return report

    8.  Added ability to add additional meal names and order the names.


  • Commercial 3.20 Update - June 2006 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Added Sales Requisition and Production Requisition reports.
    2.  Added importing of invoices, including scanned invoices with ability to make specifications for this process
    .3 Added ability to import scanned inventory with ability to make specifications for this process.
    4.  Added ability to save a menu as another menu - 'Recycle Menu'
    5.  Added an additional format for printing recipes.

    6.  Added a comments field for each line item on an invoice.

    7.  Changed to full screen display


  • Commercial 3.19 Update - January 2006 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  All Spreadsheets can be saved in Microsoft Excel format
    2.  All Reports can be filtered by date and all can be emailed.
    3.  Totals by category are now available on the invoice
    4.  Navigation was reorganized for more access to functions from the Menu Bar
  • Commercial 3.18 Update - November 2005 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Ordering Template now sorted by Accounting Category first and Item second.
    2.  Ordering Template screen is maximized for ease of use and to guard against premature closing of purchase order.
    3.  Add supplier item number to purchase order report and redesigned report.
    4.  Prompt user if they are trying to run a reconciliation with any null quantity in the PU or IU fields.
    5.  Redesigned Cost Forecasting form.
  • Commercial 3.17 Update - October 2005 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Added ability to order and receive partial purchase units by entering fractions or decimals.
    2. Added ability to record partial Purchase Unit Quantities in Physical Inventory Reconciliation .
    3Added a Physical Inventory Reconciliation Worksheet that prints by Cost Center, Location, and Shelf.
    4. Added a Comments field to purchase order for passing on messages to suppliers.
    5.  Added ability to easily change all instances of a cookbook or category name.

    6.  Added ability to link like ingredients in nutrition and costing wizards when ingredient unit is not the same.

    7.  Added many new reports with dollar quantity extensions accommodating FIFO, LIFO or Current PU Cost Accounting Systems:
                    Inventory Cost by Accounting Category, Item, Date, or Supplier
                    Inventory Extensions by Category, Item, Location, or Shelf
                    Inventory History by Cost Center, Shelf, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year
                    Perpetual Inventory
                    Reconciliation History Detail or Summary

    8. Added total quantities on production module transfer report.

    9. Fixed menu import where menu name is larger than 50 characters.

  • Commercial 3.16 Update - September 2005 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Allow editing of saved purchase order and invoice.
    2. Allow new entries on saved purchase order and invoice.
    3. Automatic update of assigned vendor and vendor's item number, if an item is added to saved PO or invoice.
    4. Added supplier name to inventory list.
    5.  Added supplier name when finding a PO.
  • Commercial 3.15 Update - August 2005 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Added Sales By Item Reports
    2. Added Sysco Purchase Order Export which allows users to export a Sysco Purchase order in a format that can be imported into Sysco's ordering system.
    3 Added Nutrition Wizard Tool - 'Link Like Ingredients'  This tools maps any ingredients with the same name and the same unit to the nutrient the ingredient viewed is mapped to and performs the calculation for the quantity.
    4. Added Costing Wizard Tool - 'Link Like Ingredients'  This tools maps any ingredients with the same name and the same unit to the inventory item the ingredient viewed is mapped to and performs the calculation for the quantity.
    5. Fixed printed error in View Menu Recipes.
    6.  Rounded ingredient quantity in Edit a Recipe
  • Commercial 3.14 Update - May 2005 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Added Recipe Cost Reports
    2.  Added Menu Cost Reports

    3.  Fixed bid import when more than one specification entered.

  • Commercial 3.13 Update - April 2005 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Added ability to transfer inventory from one location to another. Transfer can be done either one item at a time or for an entire stocking location if it has been established with restock items. Example: transfer all of the restock inventory required for a location from the storeroom to the storefront.

    2.  Added multiple vendor support for inventory items. Use UPC code or in-house inventory number. When you select a vendor that vendors item number is reproduced in the purchase order.

    3.   Added ability to import vendor bids and update the assigned supplier to the supplier with the lowest bid either on-demand or when purchase orders are generated.

    4.  Added ability to convert inventory to sell items and sell items to inventory.

    5.  Added ability to maintain inventory items at sell (or non-sell) locations with restock amounts. As these are diminished by daily sales, replenish lists are creating with stock items that need replenishment and required replenishment amounts.

    6. Created ability to multiply a linked recipe's ingredients by a fraction and have all of the ingredients in the recipe be scaled by the fraction.

    7. Added color difference to ingredients created by linking a recipe as an ingredient in the current recipe.

    8. Added "Shrinkage" report that shows difference between theoretical and actual inventory extensions. Figures are shown in currency and highlighted in red if there is a difference.


  • Commercial 3.12 Update - January 2005 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Added ability to use Recipes as Ingredients and Inventory As Ingredients through the following process:
        To Select Ingredient Name Drop-Down List:  Go to ‘Settings’ on the Menu Bar, click ‘Select Ingredient Name Drop-Down List’ and select one of the following:

    1) Ingredients, which will be the list of ingredients previously entered.  An Ingredient can also be typed in this box.

    2) Recipes As Ingredients, which will include all recipes already entered into your program.    A quantity of ‘1’ and a unit name of ‘Recipes will automatically be added and following this, all the ingredients in the recipe will be added.  The method for this recipe, which has been added as an ingredient, will be added to the bottom of the page view, below the method for the main recipe.

     3) Inventory, which will include all inventory items entered in your program.  The inventory item entered as an ingredient will automatically link for purposes of costing.

    2.  Changes in ingredient quantities will now automatically result in any nutritional or costing information being updated.
    3.  Fiber has been added to the retail menu report.
  • Commercial 3.11 Update - November 2004 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  New sales reports by day, week, month, year, or range of dates. User can print or email the reports.
    2.  Can sort menu price setting reports (Percentage, Contribution, and Menu Engineering) by Cost Center.
    3.  Can sort menu price setting reports (Percentage, Contribution, and Menu Engineering) by a range of dates. 
  • Commercial 3.10 Update - October 2004 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Added ability to select an accounting method for calculating inventory extensions:
        A)  FIFO -
    FIFO stands for 'First In First Out.'  The first items you bring into inventory will be the first ones sold as product.   FIFO  is based on the principle that most businesses tend to sell the first goods that come into inventory.
        B)  LIFO - LIFO stands for 'Last In First Out.'  LIFO is based on the assumption that the most recent units purchased will be the first units sold.
        C)  Current Purchase Unit Cost
    2. Provided a method for deleting Inventory History that is more than three months old
    3. Added 'Lists' on the menu bar, giving access to lists of inventory, recipes, menus, vendors and locations/store in datasheet view.
    4. Fixed extra line in inventory history to excel.
    5. Improved speed of Inventory Advanced Find.
    6. Improved search and calculate functions in nutrition and costing wizards.  Link metric to US units and US units to metric in costing wizard.  Volume to weight ratios entered once will be remembered by nutrition wizard.
  • Commercial 3.09 Update - April 2004 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Ordering Template simplifies creating manual purchase orders.
    2. Generate Purchases Orders by Cost Center
    3. Reports are filtered by Cost Center
    4. Waste deduction form links to adjust inventory
  • Commercial 3.08 Update - March 2004 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Makes ready for 'Sales Module'
        'Sales Module' includes:
            a) POS Import Wizard

                    allows the user to set the import specifications
                    makes possible the import of sales data from most POS hardware

           b) Import/Export of POS Import Specifications
             c) Manual Entry of POS Data
             d) Posting of Sales to Inventory
             e) Backing out posting of Sales to Inventory
             f) Menu Price Setting
                    Percentage Method
                    Contribution Method
                    Menu Engineering Method
             e) Food Cost Percent of Sales Report
    2. Inventory Import Wizard that allows the user to set the import specifications, making possible the import of inventory from most vendors as well as from accounting packages such as Quick Books.  Inventory is updated when imported.
    3. Import/Export of Inventory Import Specifications
    4. Added the ability to change the amount in the RDI (recommended daily intake) of nutrients.
  • Commercial 3.07 Update - February 2004 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Software can now be enabled to allow multiple users to share the same database on a network.  Users can work on the network or locally.
    2. Improved interface, accessing all basic functions from Menu Bar.
    3. Track costs at multiple Cost Centers/Locations.
    4. Profit Per Entrée report has Food Cost Percent of Sell Price
    5. Added Additional Reports:
              Perpetual Inventory (Current Inventory)
              Reconciliation History-Beginning, Purchased, and Ending Inventory with Extension.
              Waste Report
              Detail of Purchases (Detail of each item purchased during a reconciliation period)
              Summary of Purchases (Total Cost per Accounting Category with percent of Total)

    6. Add/Edit Units to control units that appear in the drop-down list for entering ingredients.
    7.  Report settings allow printing recipes with or without nutritional information and HACCP information.

    8.  Allow editing nutritional entries.

    9.  Fixed error in calculation of Carbohydrate percent for a menu’s daily totals.

    10.  Can now save an inventory item as a recipe.

    11.  Added an Advanced Find for Inventory.

    12.  Export and import a ‘Master List’ of Inventory as well as new inventory.

    13.  Export and import inventory for a particular Cost Center.

    14.  Added a ‘Random Weight Wizard’ for calculating the cost of random weight items.

    15.  Added a ‘Par Wizard’ for calculating par.

    16.  Can record bids and view by item or supplier.

    17.  Can reconcile physical inventory for all cost center or for only an individual cost center.

    18.  Can print and print preview invoices.
  • Commercial 3.06 Update - September 2003 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Added direct calculation of metric quantities with nutrition and costing wizards.
    2. Added ability to view Inventory Item by double clicking from costing.
    3. Fixed error in costing that disabled calculation of "Dry" ingredients.
  • Commercial 3.05 Update - August 2003 (includes all prior updates)
    1. Modified PO entry form to be friendlier.  Added full-page review of orders prior to saving PO.  Made various forms larger, friendlier, fields larger to display more data.
    2. Added calendar wizard to ease entry of delivery dates for Purchase Orders.
    3. Added random weight wizard to inventory for calculation and maintenance of catch weight prices.
    4. Added track inventory costs by catch weight price to reporting.
    5. Posts to inventory requests user to update prices, including catch weight prices, if any differ.
    6. Added multi-location support for replicating inventory for multiple physical delivery locations from already entered data.
    7. Added Global Setting to add nutritional information to print and view recipe functions.
    8. Add global setting to turn off/on unit upsizing.  Don't unit upsize tablespoons, teaspoons if less than or equal to 5. 
    9. Added "Save As" functionality, which allows saving a recipe and specifying new servings and new yield.  All ingredients are upsized as well.  Useful for making copies of recipes, for establishing recipes that vary slightly, or for batch operations.
    10. Added the ability of the nutrition wizard to calculate equivalent quantities of USDA database items for a recipe's ingredients.  Includes ability to figure USDA equivalents to metric quantities.
    11. Improved ability of nutrition and costing wizards to search for equivalent items and make conversions if previous entry has a unit of measure capable of being converted.
    12. Made entry of food items to nutrition database friendlier.
    13. Moved up to USDA SR nutrition database.  Made existing users' nutrition database ready for SR15 update to come later.
    14. Fixed Menu Planning Create Inventory calculations, when calculating certain decimal quantities.  Fixed same calculation error in inventory requisition generation from menu plan.
    15 Simplified Extensions reporting.  Added accounting category.
    16. Allow addition of 0 quantity ingredients to serve as headers for ingredients.
    17. Fixed tab sequence on enters a recipe view.
    18. Improved navigation when editing a recipe.  Go to next recipe and print, preview, review cost or nutritional analysis without closing old analysis.
    19. Fixed unit upsizing errors for "Pint(s)".  Not recognizing the unit properly, downsizing quantity, but not going to "Quart(s)"
    20. Added ability to recognize Mastercook ingredient header line on import.
    21. Added ability to diagnose Mastercook recipes exported as ingredient as a recipe on import.

    22. Remove recipes from menu if recipes are no longer in the database.

    23. Change to communicate newly entered recipe nutrition, menu cost information to PDA.
  • Commercial 3.04 Update - June 2003 (includes all prior updates)
    1.  Ability to post the invoice to inventory
    2.  Added reports: Extensions totaled by Accounting Category
                            Reconciliation Report (includes beginning inventory, purchases since   last reconciliation, current inventory, and current extension.)

    3.  Added Freight, Tax, and Other to purchase orders
  • Commercial 3.03 Update - April 2003
  1. Added Search and Calculate Tools to Costing Wizard.  Supports cost "whatifs".
  2. Costing wizard does calculations for you.  No need to enter IUs for an Inventory Item.
  3. Added spreadsheets for:  Cost Forecasting, Tracking Inventory Costs
  4. Metric to U.S. and U.S. to metric on import, export, or viewing of recipes.
  5. Allow and mark duplicate recipes.
  6. Allow entry of fractions in numeric fields.
  7. Support selection of menus for export.
  8. New Tab controls for entering and editing recipes.  Very easy to use and view.
  9. Added Retail Menu Spreadsheet.
  10. Added large label, including nutrition info,  for display at serving station.
  11. Excel template for easy import of new inventory.
  12. Excel template for import of invoice.
  13. Complete conversion of purchase order to invoice.
  14. Line item comparison of purchase order to Invoice
  15. Complete up scaling of yield and ingredient quantities in US and Metric.
  16. Improved up scaling and quantity aggregations to include more units of measure
  17. Improved Grocery Lists.  Added ability to combine lists.
  18. Standardized inventory units to PU (Purchase Unit) and IU (Inventory Unit).