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Production Module
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  • Generate scaled recipes based on yield
  • Create an Inventory Requisition and deduct form inventory

  • Increase ingredient quantities, by a waste factor entered, to compensate for waste

  • Works with CookenPro CN Version or Regular Version  

  • Produce a variety of reports - See Below

Production Module Reports     
Production Recipes All recipes in the production schedule viewed.
Production Sheets Specifies the recipes, the number of units to be produced, and the distribution unit of each, organized by production area and ordered by color and density.
Production Actuals
The above production sheet with the actual yields and deltas included.
Advanced Withdrawal
Sheets Specifies the advance withdrawal times for any ingredient in chronological order.
Ingredient Production Sheets Sorted by ingredient with instructions, quantities and advanced preparation days. 
Ingredient Distribution Sheets This report identifies all ingredients, with associated ID and Name, and their destination.
Ingredient Labels Labels identify the ingredient, quantity, date produced, destination, and schedule date.
View Food Cost shows the total cost of each scaled recipe entered in the production schedule being viewed.