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The CookenProŽ Recipe Magician provides a way to get unformatted text or "screen" recipes into CookenPro.  The recipes can come from a variety of sources.

  • Recipes collected in text files.

  • Recipes scanned from newspapers, magazines, and family recipes.

  • Recipes posted directly on the World Wide Web.

Comes with a web browser that allows direct browsing and recipe collecting.  No more copying and pasting.  It is easy, fast, and powerful. 

Recipes are collected in a file that can then be imported into CookenPro.  Those who have not yet purchased the product can evaluate how easy it is to get their recipes into CookenPro. 

Get started with the readme file available from the Help menu.  A manual in .pdf format is available on your installation folder.

Requires Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher already installed on your computer.

        Download CookenProŽ Recipe Magician